March 1-2, 2024 - Women's Conference

This year's theme was Rooted: Nourished by the Word, Held Firm in Christ. Many joined us at FBC for teaching from speakers Regina Palmer and our FBC mission partners.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to a member of the Women's Ministry Leadership team (listed below) or contact us at

Women's Ministry at FBC Jackson


It is our desire that how and what we do in women’s ministry aligns with the mission laid out by our pastors: Making, maturing, and multiplying disciples who are rooted in the gospel, watered with the Word, and nurtured by the church – for the bearing of much fruit, for the good of all nations, and for the glory of God.

Women's ministry - Purpose

The purpose of women's ministry at First Baptist Church is to:


Women's ministry - Values

We seek to incorporate these values into opportunities and events for the women of First Baptist:

  • Equip women to know and study the Bible
  • Teach and model application of biblical principles
  • Model and foster biblical, inter-generational, and intentional relationships with other women
  • Provide opportunities for women to practice and exercise their gifts.
  • The Word of God (teaching, studying, equipping)
  • Practical living in light of scripture in our unique contexts
  • Intergenerational relationships (all ages and stages of life)
  • Connection to our missionary partners
  • Food, fun, and fellowship



Women’s Ministry Leadership Team


As a group of women from various ages and stages of life, we seek to:

  • model biblical, generational, and intentional relationships with other women
  • explore creative and purposeful ways to engage and equip the women in our church body
  • plan and facilitate events that will help foster deeper relationships and equip the women of our church for good works.

2023-2024 Team

Hannah Booker, Julie Bradfield, Jenn Gilbert, Holly Leisey, Kathy Lewis, Pat Morris, Luanne Powell, Amber Rhodes


Women's Reading Groups
Spring 2024


Book of Hosea: Finding Hope When Life Seems Dark
by Kay Arthur & Pete DeLacy
7-Week Inductive Study  |  Facilitated by Gail Burger 

Tuesdays at 1:00 pm
January 30 to March 19
No session March 5
Location: FBC Richard LifeGroup Room
Book Cost: $10

In the divided Kingdom, the Southern Kingdom, Judah, remained faithful to God. The Northern Kingdom, Israel, created its own worship system of idols and priests. For almost 200 years, God raised up prophets to turn Israel away from idolatry and back to Him. He raised up one last prophet to Israel: Hosea. Israel had played the harlot, committing spiritual adultery with the gods of other nations. What message would God give to Hosea to show then their sin? What method would God use to turn them back to Him? Click here for more info on this Bible Study.


Behold and Believe: A Bible Study on the "I Am" Statements of Jesus
by Courtney Doctor & Joanna Kimbrel
7-Week Study  | Cost: $10.50  | Two Meeting Options

Tuesdays at 7:00 pm
January 30 to March 19
No meeting March 12
Facilitated by LeeAnn Wyatt
Location: the home of LeeAnn Wyatt

Wednesdays at 9:30 am
February 7 to March 27
No meeting March 13
Facilitated by Sabrena Wilson
Location: FBC Wilson LifeGroup Room
Childcare available upon request

Seeing is believing. If we want to know who Jesus is and why he is important to our lives, we need to take a closer look at what he said about himself. Jesus describes himself as the bread of life, the light of the world, the good shepherd, and more. His bold words invite us to behold him—and then to trust him. Whether you’ve never read the Bible, have followed Jesus for years, or find yourself somewhere in between, this 7-week Bible study will help you explore the question, Who is Jesus?, using the “I Am” statements in the Gospel of John. Click here for more info on this Bible Study.

Women's Events


Gatherings in the evening or on a Saturday morning provide an opportunity for food, fellowship, and learning from other women. These events typically focus on hearing from women within our own church body.

See topics from recent events.

Women's Retreats


During the winter, the women of First Baptist typically get away for an overnight retreat at the Linden Valley Baptist Conference Center for a time of worship, teaching, and fellowship.

See an overview of recent retreats.

Women's Conferences


As an alternative to getting away, conferences are periodically hosted at the church for the women of FBC.

See a list of recent conferences.

Women's FBCU Classes


During the Spring and Fall semesters, FBC University (FBCU) classes are offered on Sunday evenings at 5:00 pm. FBCU classes incorporate various topics, formats, and teachers. Classes taught by and for women are periodically offered through FBCU.

See previous FBCU classes for women.