FBC University (FBCU) sessions provide opportunities for learning and discipleship training. Sessions are in a short-series format, such as eight weeks during fall or spring. They are led by a mix of members and invited non-members, during Sunday evenings.

Spring 2023

Each eight-week, Sunday-evening series will begin February 19 and end April 23. There are no sessions March 12 or April 9.

Sign up below or at the Welcome Center.

Caring for One Another - led by FBC member Dr. Aaron Kennedy - Choir Room - The church should be a place where no one feels unseen, neglected, or ignored. Yet, it's likely this happens more often than we'd like to admit. Most Christians know they are called to care for one another but perhaps do not know how. Through our care for one another not only is the church strengthened, but also our witness to a lost and hurting world is made manifest. In this class, through the reading and discussion, we'll discover biblical and practical ways to help us build meaningful relationships with one another. We'll use the book "Caring for One Another" by Ed Welch. The book chapters are designed to be read aloud in a group (no need to read anything beforehand!). The cost for the book is $5.00, which can be paid (online soon) or at FBC.

Church Fathers and Church Doctrine - led by FBC member John Hoeldtke - Fellowship Hall - These are studies of key individuals in the first five centuries of the Christian Faith and roles they had in helping to shape basic Christian beliefs.  Those who attend will learn something of the great struggles and efforts the early church had in correcting and clarifying truths about God, salvation and the Christian life — issues that are still very relevant in our times.

Neighborhood Outreach - led by FBC Pastor Douglas Renfro - College LifeGroup Room (Chapel) downstairs - This hands-on seminar involves two weeks of basic canvassing and evangelism training followed by several weeks of traveling to the neighborhoods surrounding First Baptist Church with the aim of praying for our neighbors and engaging in gospel conversations.

FBC classes for Youth - These will be grade-based. Watch your email to sign up.



Fall 2022

Everyday Faithfulness – A women’s discussion group in Fellowship Hall studying Glenna Marshal’s book, Everyday Faithfulness, led by representatives of the women’s ministry team. Register at the Welcome Center.

God’s Precious Promises – A look at the comfort and encouragement believers can gain from promises found in the Bible, led by Roger Ellsworth in the Choir Room.

Neighborhood Outreach – This group will be canvassing surrounding neighborhoods with an aim of prayer and evangelism, led by Douglas Renfro in the College Room (A016) downstairs.

Youth Discipleship Groups - These groups will be led by adult members. Girls will meet in the Youth area and guys will meet in the Family Life Center north classrooms.