Pastor to Families and Students

Are you a pastor who desires to equip parents to be the primary disciplers of their children and who loves to lead students? As the Pastor to Families and Students, you will have the opportunity to join a team of pastors and lead family ministry and students at First Baptist Church, a church that emphasizes…

  • Theological truth and expository teaching
  • Gospel focus and missions involvement
  • Covenant membership
  • God-centered worship
  • A commitment to God’s glory above all else.

If you would like to learn more about this opportunity:

  1. Please watch this video where Senior Pastor Scott Gilbert shares briefly about this opportunity.

  2. Please watch this video of a town hall meeting of our church, where Scott Gilbert shares in a little more detail about this opportunity.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please do the following:

  1. Please seek the Lord in prayer about this opportunity.
  2. Please read this short summary of family and student ministry penned by Senior Pastor Scott Gilbert.
  3. Please read the position description.
  4. Please watch a service of FBC Jackson.

Please use the button below and follow the prompts for its form (some prompts will ask to you upload a document):

  1. An introductory letter expressing your interest in this position
  2. An essay summarizing your theology/philosophy of ministry, giving particular attention to how your theology/philosophy would inform the role of Pastor to Families and Students
  3. A prompt for you to register your agreement or disagreement with the Baptist Faith and Message 2000
  4. A résumé
  5. Four references



If you would like to communicate informally about this opportunity, you are welcome to write Brad Green, Committee Chairman, at

Every blessing to you as you seek the Lord.

Pastor to Families and Students Search Committee:

      • Brad Green (Chairman)
      • Kevin Adelsberger
      • Jennie Hughes
      • Melanie Owen
      • Neil Walter
      • Scott Gilbert (ex officio)