FBC Summer Reading Groups

April 27, 2022

  • Who: Self-organized groups of 3-6 people
  • What: These groups will be reading Gentle and Lowly together at their own pace
  • When: Starting the week of May 22, groups will meet at the time of their choosing that fits the schedule of everyone in the group
  • Where: Groups can meet wherever they like! Coffee shops! Restaurants! Homes! Treehouses! Abandoned alleyways! It's your choice!
  • Why: For the purpose of building community in tight-knit groups
  • How: Each group will turn in a card (found at the Welcome Center) that has the names and email addresses for everyone in that group, or sign up here: https://fbcmedia.aidaform.com/fbc-summer-reading-groups. On Sunday, May 22, anyone whose name is on the list will receive a book by going by the Welcome Center.